The work of Malcom & Marie, a recently added resident of the Netflix assortment of Dramas stands singularly as a bold portrayal of the real life error and abuse exposed in romantic relationships. In fact, as nuanced as this film is, I believe this story and its characters would not be able to function as succinctly without the rising factor of romance. Malcom & Marie energetically ruminates on how a couple must identify their exploitative tendencies and widespread dissatisfaction. …

I spent a highly formative portion of my latter adolescence practicing the Christian faith through the framework of Pentecostal missions and evangelism. I was encouraged by a small but influential group deemed as “church friends” as with an array of pastors and church pillars. Proclaiming the blessings and the calling God had placed on me and my life: I was on my way to attend a bible-based university in the North-West Texas area, I would use my theater background I had obtained early in grade school to join a traveling troupe of “Christ-led” actors to perform skits and entertain young…

Justin J. Gonzalez

I aspire to get my thoughts out of my head. I believe in myself when I have coffee and reflection in my system. Overmuch, I think about things often.

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